Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Holiday Valentine Wrap up from a florists POV

Phew!  Valentine's Day is over!!  Many people associate Valentine's Day with flowers and chocolates so you can imagine we had a busy few days last week.
All in all we had a good holiday, like usual most people are last minute so we are rushing around trying to help our customers and design all our beautiful flower arrangements and get them delivered to all those Valentines out there.  Thankfully we have seasonal helpers to keep us from going crazy, getting our flowers cleaned and helping our driver get the routes organized.  
Over the years we have teamed up with our local Cotati/ Rohnert Park Rotary Club, they come in on the 13th and 14th and deliver for us and in return we donated a portion of the delivery fees to their scholarship foundation. 
We are happy for an economy that seems to be recovering a bit and for some of the businesses in Rohnert Park where we had multiple deliveries to Sonoma State University, Graton Casino and to Sonoma Mountain Village off Valley House Drive.
Although it is always a relief when the holiday is over, we are also happy to have Valentine's Day!  So now we get a chance to relax until the next big floral holiday- Mother's Day.

(This blog is written from our Rohnert Park store located at 101 Golf Course Dr.  Rohnert Park, CA-
we also have a second location in Santa Rosa at 1313 McDonald Ave.  Santa Rosa, CA)
Below are pictures from our shop all ready for Valentine deliveries!
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